5 Great Games To Help You Get Your Gay On

Check out our list of games we think you should play for whenever you’re just jonesin for the best in awkward and fun computer animated LGBTQ inclusive love making. I for one need to blow the dust of my copy of Dragon Age…cause let’s be honest. I only wrote this list up to give myself another reason to think about the Iron Bull.


Fable was one of the first in the realm of next gen games giving the player freedoms unlike any other. You could be a good guy or a bad guy and you could like chicks or you could like...you get it.

Mass Effect 3

The Mass Effect series is an EPIC space opera following the story of Commander Shepard and his or her diverse group of crew members of the Normandy.  Doesn't matter if you choose to play as either male or female, the choice system in Mass Effect shows no prejudices when it comes who you want to fall in love with. It is the space age after all.  But let's not pretend I don't know ALL about that Shepard/Kaidan love story. And we can't WAIT to find out what Mass Effect : Andromeda has in store for us later the month!

The Last Of Us/Left Behind

The Last of Us, to this day, is still one of my absolute favorite gaming experiences thanks to it's compelling story and immersive post apocalyptic world. But the downloadable content, "Left Behind", centering around Ellie, set Naughty Dog apart even more as one of the most ambitious and fearless bunch of storytellers in the video game world.  If you haven't taken the journey through The Last of Us yet, what are you even DOING with you life?


Dragon Age : Inquisition

Dragon Age, another saga from Mass Effect creators, BioWare, is not shy at all when it comes to the gay and lesbian story lines. But we gaymers couldn't help but applaud the latest outing in the DA saga, Inquisition. Here, BioWare has created living breathing characters of a multitude of orientations including straight, lesbian, gay, bi and even transgender. Which was a truly welcome and refreshing discovery in a game centered around fighting monsters and dragons.


The Sims

THE SIMS!? Really?! BOOO, JMJ.

But really! The Sims is all about simulating life and it would be an obvious shame to create a game like that and not include the opportunity to bone whomever you damn well please until you're ready to lock it down and MARRY whomever you damn well please. And in the Sims, you can do just that.

Just like...LIFE. Do as you please, y'all!

Get it on like Donkey Kong.



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