Mass Effect Andromeda’s space navigation more than makes up for its shortcomings

Let’s be honest and come to Jesus about this: Mass Effect Andromeda isn’t perfect. No game is, but when you try to throw everything at the fan and hope that something sticks, not everything is going to work out the way you want it to.

With that said, some aspects of the game really stand out to me as “next generation” ideas that push industry boundaries just enough to satisfy and intrigue. One of which involves the sheer breadth of the game world – this is the most important and “showcase-y” part of what makes Mass Effect Andromeda so special. Sure, Bioware pushed boundaries geographically in Dragon Age Inquisition, but when you’re comparing a chunk of the earth to multiple star systems, keeping all of that even remotely organized is quite a feat. Even on-land, environments are lush and sprawling, providing a sense that these planets have been lived in long before you arrived.

Visually, the transition from planet to planet is nothing short of gorgeous – I often find myself having to put myself back in eight-year old Adam’s shoes and freak out over the fact that my spaceship is physically traveling to each point on the map. While a passive detail, it’s one that immerses. And it shows that Bioware really cares about “taking you there”.

For those who have played the game, if I gave you specific instructions on what planet and star cluster I’d like you to go to, you’d know how to get there. So let’s not let our rage over animations and things of the like overshadow the wonder and ease presented to your Pathfinder when you’re out traversing the galaxy. Throw in some fast travel, and the actual on-land methods of traversal, and you’ve got a recipe for success – even if that recipe often delivers “Outback Steakhouse” instead of “Ruth’s Chris”.

But I want to know what you think! Is a galactic sense of immersion worth the price of admission with Mass Effect Andromeda? Let me know in the comments below, and stick with The Gaymer for all things ME Andromeda!


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