5 Video Game Daddies Ready to Flood Your Basement

Everyone here at The Gaymer is quickly discovering my specific tastes in fellas. So let’s not kid ourselves here, we’re all friends now, so what other list could I honestly present to you all OTHER than the Top Five Daddies In Gaming.

#5 Street Fighter's Zangief

My prepubescent self never understood why I always wanted to play as the massive burly dude wearing a speedo.  Now I do.

#4 GTA 5's Michael

GTA 5 is insanely fun and Michael might actually be insane but dayum he got a helluva dad bod. All I'm saying is them late night jogs through the streets wearing nothing but them white boxers really did it for me.

#3 Dragon Age Inquisition's Iron Bull

We shan't plunge too deeply any of our sexual preferences here...But with enough liquid courage even the meekest among us have thought about being thrown around by a mechanical bull more than once. And I'm WASTED.

#2 The Last of Us' Joel

Rugged. Brooding. Emotionally damaged. A sick ass beard and the kind of body only a post apocalyptic dietary specialist can prescribe. Joel is the best man to keep you safe and warm at night.

#1 Uncharted 4's Nathan Drake 

Uncharted one through three gave us the man of every hour in Nathan Drake. He's gorgeous, he's brilliant and his upper body strength is surely good enough to bench press over himself all night long. But in Uncharted Four, Drake ascended into Daddy heaven and we have no one to thank more than Naughty Dog for each and every one of our naughty naughty thoughts.


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