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A bitter dare for Switch owners

Generally, when we are told to avoid something, it is for our own safety. However Darwinism proves time and time again what a rebellious species we can be. Since the release of the Nintendo Switch, on March 3rd, gamers worldwide have felt compelled to taste their Switch cartridges. What on earth would posses us to ingest plastic you ask? Shortly after the Switch’s release, Nintendo came out with a statement, explaining that the Nintendo Switch cartridge featured a coating with a “bittering agent” to deter small children from accidentally ingesting the cartridges. The Switch cartridges are one of the smallest types of game media in Nintendo’s history, and therefore highly susceptible to being possibly eaten, so Nintendo decided to protect their precious fans by coating the Switch cartridge with the most foul tasting coating possible. The coating is made up from a chemical called “Denatonium Benzoate” which Nintendo has stated is non toxic. Nintendo thought they were doing their consumers a solid by providing us with this nugget of information, but probably didn’t realize that some things are better left unsaid, or unannounced.

Nintendo basically said “Hey don’t eat this” and literally everyone else said “I’m going to eat it.”

The news that the cartridges had a most foul taste, quickly went viral, and all too curious gamers everywhere stopped everything to lick and or taste their copies of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Nintendo basically said “Hey don’t eat this” and literally everyone else said “I’m going to eat it”. It is now canon to test taste your Nintendo Switch cartridge in some form. Many took to their social media accounts to document their taste test, and the results are hilarious. The phenomenon even spurred an entire collection of memes.

No more need for Marmite

So what exactly is this foul taste? Well if you don’t own a Nintendo Switch, or are actually smart and heed Nintendo’s warning, you’re probably at least slightly curious as to the particular flavor. I can attest, from personal experience, that the Nintendo Switch cartridge flavor is about as enjoyable as kale, dipped in ultra dark roast black coffee and then barbecued on asphalt. It also has an after taste, that leaves a powerful zing on your tongue, making you think you just licked something radioactive and may now possess super powers. It really is an atrocious taste, to where even the quickest tip of the tongue lick, is enough to send you into pure convulsions of disgust. Nintendo was not just being facetious when they warned us, that the cartridges are coated with a “bittering agent”.

Despite the chemical agent’s scary sounding name Denatonium Benzoate, we’ve actually seen this type of coating before. Denatonium Benzoate is actually used in a variety of popular products. One of the most well known uses, is in those nail biting discouraging nail polishes. You know, the nail polish that tastes terrible so you can rid yourself of your nail biting habit? Same type of chemical and taste. It is non toxic and will not cause you any harm – other than torturing your taste buds. It was a good effort on Nintendo’s part in trying to protect us, but unfortunately no company can protect us from ourselves and our foolish curiosity. Another reason why the aliens won’t visit us.

Better than the biscuits and gravy flavor

I personally made a video on instagram documenting my own taste test of the Breath of the Wild cartridge. You can view it below and see my reaction.

#nintendoswitchcartridge #tastetest #nintendoswitch

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