In defense of The Nintendo Switch

What do we want from Nintendo anymore? Very humbly I ask you this question. What do you even want from what is notably one of the oldest and most well known video game companies in the entire world and why am I bothering you with such mundane questions you ask? Well come sit on my lap and I’ll tell you a story.

Just under one week ago, in case you missed it, Nintendo released its brand new hardware, the Switch. And there was much rejoicing. People had a new toy! People had Zelda! People had a reason to make stupid youtube videos of themselves licking bitter tasting game cartridges. What more could they possibly want?

Let me count the shade.

Everywhere I look on the net people are discrediting the Switch for being just a bit too little in every aspect of what they want out of a system. But again I have to ask you, what do you actually WANT from Nintendo? I’m pretty sure it’s a moot question because as far as I can tell, Nintendo isn’t as worried about what you categorize as efficient gaming consoles and is more concerned with doing what it does best. Innovative and imaginative GAMING for everyone.

Out of the box you won’t be able to watch Netflix or Hulu or HBO Go on your morning bus ride to work. Who knows what they’ve got cooked up for later. But for now, that’s okay, you will be able to play one of the very best launch titles of all time, The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild.

You may not be able to lie on the couch and get online to check out Chrid Hemsworth’s sexy new haircut for Thor Ragnorok on your Switch. But you know what you can do? Lie on your couch and play Shovel Knight. Or better yet, get OFF your couch and play Shovel Knight. Because your Switch can go any where with you that you might want to play Shovel Knight.

Nintendo is smart. Nintendo is kind. Nintendo is important. And Nintendo knows that if you want to get online, talk to your friends, watch Crazy Ex Girlfriend or hula hoop to the new Lorde single, you probably already have a device ripe and ready for you to do that with. Why would a company that has marked its name in history books as being a leader in video gaming franchises be concerned with anything other than giving you the best of the best in video gaming franchises?

If you’re argument is that there aren’t enough games to play right out the gates I draw your attention to HBO. One of the greatest groups of television storytellers out there. Who release only a handful of vastly better products than any other television company out there. And before we get into an argument over your love for the CW, just read my point. Nintendo just doesn’t need the third party. They put out a handful of vastly better products every year. See Pokemon Sun and Moon, Paper Mario Color Splash and Star Fox Zero just last year.

That’s very much a good comparison. Come on. You know it’s true.

Yes. I love my PS4 and XB1 for their multimedia uses. But I can sure as HAYL say I don’t need another way to binge watch The Golden Girls. I just close my eyes and the episodes play in repeat and everything is fine.

This is not my review of the Switch, which frankly I think is a WONDERFUL addition to the gaming word. This is just a simple question posed by a big ol’ Mo somewhere in Florida who is tired of seeing people hate on Nintendo for being anything other than what they have always been loved for. And I, for one, am incredibly excited for what the future holds for Nintendo and it’s Switch.


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  • Sean Frisbey

    I am excited too, but as with the last two Nintendo consoles, I’m concerned about third party support. The idea is great, and frankly couldn’t give a rat’s ass about graphics. Nintendo make great first part software, too! But without support from other developers, I then have to justify buying the Nintendo Switch in order to play Nintendo games.

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