Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s crossdressing Link gets a big “YAS” from many LGBTQ gamers

When I first booted up The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I was greeted by a lovely sight: Link in nothing but his skivvies. I don’t think I put any clothes on him until I absolutely had to. I loved ogling at his lean muscles, his defined bubble butt, and his… ahem… sword and sheath. Link is without a doubt, King of the Twinks.

After I realized that traversing the snowy mountains with nothing on but underwear is a recipe for disaster, I gave my half-frozen twinksicle some warm clothes. I had completely forgotten about my perverted fascination with a naked video game character until I arrived at Gerudo Town. No men were allowed to enter so Link has to find a way to sneak in. While hearing rumors of a man that managed to enter the town, you are lead to a woman named Vilia (who turns out to be the man that sneaked into the town) and she makes Link a set of clothing to pass him off as a woman. She makes Link a crop-top and veil and when I put it on him, my… feelings came back.

This outfit showed of Link’s piercing eyes, flowing locks, and subtle abs. Somehow, this look suits Link. He had gone from Twink King to Fem Queen in a split second. While Nintendo threw this in the game as a joke – because apparently a man dressing up as a woman is hilarious, the LGBTQ community has embraced “Gerudo Link” wholeheartedly:

Fans didn’t see it as a joke, they saw it as empowerment. Here is one of the most recognizable characters in video games wearing feminine clothing. It gives the feminine gay men of the community a character to identify with. While Nintendo only threw it in as a parody, fans on social media embraced it as a validation of queer expression.

Plus, the outfit gives a nice heat resistance bonus so, I guess it keeps Link cool while looking hot.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available now on Wii U and Nintendo Switch. Keep coming back to The Gaymer for more video game goodies!


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    J.W. has been gaming since he got his first NES on his 5th birthday. Since then, his love of video games has only gotten stronger. An avid collector of video games, he owns everything from the Atari to the Xbox One. With over 1000 console games and just as many PC games, his love for gaming continues to grow.

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