Khal Drogo as Rico Rodriguez? Yaaas, henny!

Jason Momoa, known for his work as Khal Drogo on HBO’s Game of Thrones and as Aquaman in the upcoming Justice League film has just been signed to play Rico Rodriguez in the film adaption of Just Cause. Hollywood news site Deadline reported that Moma will play the skilled operative of the secret group “The Agency” and Brad Peyton (San Andreas) will direct the film.

It is unknown if the film will follow the plot of the first game which saw Rico being dropped onto the Caribbean island of San Espirito to overthrow the island’s dictator, Salvador Mendoza. Deadline says that, “it is expected to deal in some way with [a] crisis of conscience while on a mission.” Only three names have been linked to the project – John Collee, writer of Master and Commander is in charge of the script – but it seems like the film has been given the green light.

Video games haven’t fared well when translated to film, but as long as I get to stare at Jason Momoa, I’ll be fine with that. However, the director is currently working on film adaptation of the Midway arcade game Rampage… which is a story about humans turning into a giant gorilla and lizard that destroy a town a la King Kong and Godzilla so… I have my reservations.


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