Andromeda’s Scott Ryder is finally going to get some of Jaal’s angaran booty

Scott Ryder is finally going to be able to tap dat booty (or maybe the other way around). BioWare has listened to the LGBTQ fans of Mass Effect Andromeda and have given Scott Ryder a same-sex romace option. Scott’s previous gay relationship options were with Gil, the Tempest’s technician, and with Reyes Vidal, a smuggler on Kadara. Scott couldn’t romace any of the squad mates like Sara could and that left a lot of gay fans a bit miffed… myself included.

Now, BioWare is patching the game to allow Scott Ryder to romace the angaran companion Jaal. Which makes sense because all angarans are fluid and don’t see gender. Why Jaal wasn’t a romace partner for both Ryders at the game’s launch is a mystery to me but it’s nice to see that game developers listen to fans and add new features. Although, the last time BioWare did that, we got the extended Mass Effect 3 ending, so it’s not always a good thing.

You can read everything that is included in the 1.08 patch on BioWare’s Blog and be sure to check back with The Gaymer for more game news, reviews, and goodies.


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