VIDEO: Watch 16 minutes of new Middle-earth: Shadow Of War gameplay!

Ladies ladies ladies. Stop what you are doing this instant. There are sixteen minutes of your day that we require from you, immediately. WB Games has graciously bestowed upon us an in depth look at the beautiful and breath taking world of Shadow of War.

I’ve already mentioned my excimented for this third quarter behemoth of a release but after watching this video at least three whole times in my very very busy day, all I have to say is “GIRL”. Hold my cosmo. Imma be BUSY come August.

This sixteen minute video is full of exciting things to talk about, and if anyone wants to join me in our facebook group to discuss it all, then by all means. But what has my panties needing a moment on the line is SoW’s “nemesis system”. Promising players a completely unique and personal experience every single time you play is a big deal and, very, rarely does someone pull that off. But what I see going on here is exciting. More than exciting I’m all systems go over here and you should be too.

I often believe that fighting to save the world is sometimes to big of a responsibility to truly capture the attention and comprehension of most consumers. Rather it’s the X-Men saving the world from apocalypse or Ben Afflec detonating that nuke on an asteroid, we need RELARIONSHIPS to pull it all into perspective. And it looks like the nemesis system, is here to provide us with just that.

Sure, we all know that middle earth needs to be saved from the forces Mordor. Obvi. But how much more rewarding is it going to be to do so with a troupe of bad ass orcs and goblins swearing allegiance to you in order to do so? Or after one of your BFF hobbit slayers turns on you, breaking your heart, only to come back to your side later on in the game? Standing on the battlefield, not alone but, together and proud with your band of merry monsters. Sound ridiculous? Watch the video!

I’m a gay man living in Trump’s America. Therefore I am jaded, bitter and hard to convinxe. But dadGUM y’all. Whoever directed thiw video did a damn good job at making a believer out of me.

Don’t just take my word for it. Take a look below! And keep us here at The Gaymer close for more info 2017 sure fire hit, Shadow of War.


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